Impact Sockets and Accessories in torque tools warehouse

Impact Sockets and Accessories by Action Tools is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and manufactures all of their products to GGG-W-660A, DIN3121 and DIN3129 standards.

Their Sockets are drop forged from Chrome-Molybdenum Alloy Steel, heat treated and surface hardened for maximum durability and have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials.

Our Action brand is used across many industries throughout Australia and used on many types of High Torque and RAD Nutrunner Torque Tools as well as Impact Guns & Rattle Guns.

With an incredible range available in Imperial Socket  & Metric Socket and Accessories – Af Sockets  , 6 Point Sockets, Pin Hole , Socket Sets, Deep Sockets, 12 Point Sockets, 4 Point Sockets, 8 Point Sockets, Bud Sockets , Hex Sockets , Thin wall Sockets  , Hex Reducers , adaptors Reducers ,Extensions, Torque Sockets, Tube Sockets, In Hex Drivers, Slogging Spanners, Flogging Spanners , Backup Spanners , Back-up Wrenches , Dual Action and much more.