Hydraulic Pump Power Pack image

Hydraulic Power Pump Packs come in many forms, shapes & sizes for powering the High Torque Tools & Jacking Rams , Porta Power equipment .

The designated Torque Wrench Pump is available in both Electric & Pneumatic ( Air Driven Motor ) and has a max working pressure of 700 Bar ( 10,000 Psi ) With a valve operation the advance port being regulated from 1000 Psi to 10,000 Psi to set Torque / Pressure to Torque Chart.

The retract port is generally fixed internally to around 1600 Psi to 2000 Psi Max and system protected by a Safety Relief Valve.

We have a few Brands & Models to choose from that have a proven history in their field – SPX Flow / Powerteam TWP55 & RWP55 , Wren LP3 KLW4000 & KLW4000N , Boss PE08TW8 , Enerpac ZE4 & ZU4 , Hytorc SST-20 , RSST-20

All supplied with remote pendant lead remote control + pressure gauge and in a pump cradle or can be supplied with in a pump frame for easy handling and protection.

Service and spare parts made easily available for when the time comes.